How to STOP Watching Porn and Quit Masturbation within 30 Days?

Discover How to Clear Your Mind of Dirty Thoughts and How to Find True Love

Secret revealed: How can you be happy? How can you live without shame and fear of having your hidden sexual tendencies exposed?

If you have found this article, then you’re in the same spot I used to be in. I was a withdrawn guy, without any motivation, addicted to pornography and masturbation. I couldn’t make smalltalk with women; I felt kind of awkward around them. I was afraid to look them straight in the eyes, and I thought it might cause them to find out about my secret. I was scared they would discover my dark side!

I can share with you a simple and effective method for dealing with these kinds of habits. I can also show you how to set yourself straight and turn your life around 180 degrees WITHOUT any expensive medicine, therapy or electroshocks! All you need to do is accept certain values that arise from logical thinking…

So, if you experience at least one symptom from the list below, it is important you read this article until the very end!

You will learn the recipe for a successful, happy life without spending many hundreds of thousands of dollars on psychoanalysis, and above all, you DON’T HAVE to join ANY religious cult! It’s all completely FREE!

So… First, let’s answer a few questions…

If you have answered YES to at least one of the above, then you’re in the right place!

On this website, you’re going to find one of the greatest secrets in this world that will lead to confidence, happiness, and the enjoyment of meeting new people!

Until now, I was embarrassed to share my story and the difficulties I encountered on my way to freedom from pornography and masturbation. All my life, I struggled with being shy. I was afraid of new people, and chatting up women was so stressful that I would often stutter and get embarrassed. I never thought the problem could be with my passion for pornography and masturbation. I could spend half a day watching new, progressively more intense movies. I would lock myself in my room, separate myself from people and enjoy this selfish, virtual pleasure.

That was how I distanced myself from my problems and challenges. I would lock myself up in my own world and imagine what it would be like. The frustration just kept getting bigger every day. It eventually led me to a deep depression. Nothing made me happy in life, I had no sense of purpose, and I did not experience joy. I was devoid of any energy and motivation.

And That’s How I Lost Over 15 Years of My Life… I Didn’t Realize My Real Enemy Was Pornography and Masturbation!

I would blame everyone around me for my failure and lack of purpose. The government, family, and friends were to blame, but I didn’t realize the problem was within me. I had no idea back then that this addiction was destroying my life, killing my social relations, and taking the joy out of my life.

At one point, I said, “Enough!”

I started looking for information on the topic. I wanted to be more confident and outgoing. I simply wanted to be happy. I gathered knowledge and logical arguments, and I steered clear of all types of religious cults. In fact, I believe that the topic needs to be approached rationally and that this mess in my head has to be cleaned up using logical thinking.

Finally, I found a solution, which is why I would like to share all my information, tips and arguments. The road to freedom from masturbation and pornography is straightforward. All you have to do is accept certain values that arise from common sense.

I have already run a How to be confident, and how to work on your self-esteem type of blog before. I shared my knowledge there, and the blog kept growing in its reach. Back then, I didn’t yet know that plenty of men have a problem with pornography and masturbation. I believed not everyone looking for tips on confidence, dating women or talking to women is addicted to pornography. On top of that, I didn’t feel competent enough to talk about such sensitive topics. I also didn’t want to scare anyone away, as this topic is often associated with some sort of religious obligation.

The average person does not find it normal to talk about masturbation and pornography, even though a substantial portion of our society engages in one or both of these activities.

After learning more about masturbation and pornography over the last five years, I don’t find it difficult to talk about these topics anymore. Once you educate yourself on them, you start to think about these topics from more of a psychological and physiological perspective.

That’s why on this blog I decided to reveal how I had freed myself from the addiction to pornography and masturbation.

Schools don’t teach students about masturbation and pornography because these topics are viewed as obscene or dirty. However, most people will feel the impulse to masturbate or view pornography at some point in their lives. If they don’t understand the psychology and physiology behind these actions, then it could easily lead to an addiction problem that’ll ruin their lives.

How I Managed Past My Addiction to Masturbation and Pornography...

I used to masturbate and watch pornography every day. I didn’t use to think it was any big deal until I got older. That was when I realized that something was not right. I was tired of not having a real woman in my life. It bothered me that I never had the confidence to approach a woman, which was why I couldn’t find a real woman to have sex with.

At this point, I knew that masturbation and pornography were the main sources of the problem. But whenever I attempted to quit those activities, I failed miserably. I couldn’t go longer than a few days without reverting right back to those old habits. It was crippling my life and holding me back from forming any connections with real women. This was clearly an addiction, and I needed to do something about it.

In order to beat the addiction, I knew I was going to have to rewire my entire subconscious. The solution was to take courses in confidence. People who masturbate and watch pornography lack self-confidence. They live in a fantasy world in their minds where women automatically want them. But when they have to come back to reality, they are unhappy and miserable. That is why I made a choice to live in reality and to educate myself on how to become a more confident person.

You must acknowledge your addiction is real before you can gain the confidence to overcome it. At first, I signed up for seduction courses, flirting workshops, and confidence-building courses because I thought they would make it easier for me to approach women and get laid. Unfortunately, my addiction to pornography made it impossible for me to apply the techniques I learned in a real-life situation.

You see, porn addiction makes you feel terrible. It drains all your energy, and it makes you feel worthless and apathetic. So, how can you ever pick up women if you feel like this? It isn’t going to happen. All you will feel is more depression and anxiety, especially around women.

I had no joy in my life and no motivation to do something about it. The longer this trend continued, the more difficult it was to overcome it.

When I was at school or work, my confidence dropped whenever I had a problem with a woman or colleague. Then I’d go home and immediately masturbate to a pornographic video to feel less frustrated about my day. While I might have gotten some temporary relief from my frustration, it only made my depression and confidence much worse.

It got to the point where I masturbated a couple of times per day, including right before I went to sleep. It was the only way to relax so that I could get some sleep. But then I’d wake up the next morning feeling miserable about myself. So, to temporarily relieve my misery, guess what I did? Masturbated! That is the power of addiction.

When you see a person that is unempathetic and treats others like crap, they probably have an addiction problem of some kind. Addiction puts a person into a constate state of stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and frustration. Sometimes all of these feelings come together. So naturally, a person with these feelings isn’t going to be a happy camper.

Addiction Makes You Feel Empty Inside...

Do you know why girls don’t talk to guys who are addicted to masturbation and pornography? It is because those guys treat women like objects. They don’t want to have regular conversations with them. Instead, they want women to act like they do in porno movies. Once these guys realize that real women don’t act that way, they become hateful toward them.

My addiction problem made me feel guilt and shame. Even if a girl happened to talk to me by chance, I didn’t feel good about it. All I felt was embarrassment and shame. That is how addiction can impact your relationships with other people. I didn’t understand what my addiction was doing to me until I was 27 years old.

No one likes feeling different or weak. But when you’re an addict, you purposely avoid making new friends, and you go out of your way to avoid social interactions. That is how addiction can really ruin your life. For younger people, it puts them in a constant state of panic and fear. If they don’t fix the problem by adulthood, then it can become a lifelong struggle.

You might feel tempted to hide your flaws by pretending to be a big stud or confident person. In an effort to join the ”cool crowd” of other guys, you might attempt to tell sex jokes and brag about how many women you’ve had sex with. But if those other guys have real experiences with sex and you don’t, then it will be obvious to them that you’re lying.

What’s worse is that you might treat girls like crap because you see other cooler guys doing that with their girlfriends. This is a big mistake. Girls put up with the attitude of those supposed cooler guys because of confidence and popularity. Treating women poorly isn’t going to make you more confident. It is only going to make you look like a jerk.

The Path Forward

If you can acknowledge that you have an addiction problem and that it’s caused you to make mistakes in the past, then you have already taken the first step toward recovery. Now you must educate yourself further on sex and how to build self-confidence the proper way.

Stay away from religious cults or preachers who try to bring you into their religion. You don’t have to become religious to overcome addiction. You just need the right education from experienced and legitimate sources that offer logical information.

Once I realized the truth and lies about pornography, I started acting, researching numerous books, articles and source materials on how to kick this addiction once and for all. That was when it dawned on me that my behavior was a disdain for girls. That was the source of my feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment. I knew that if I carried on like this, if I didn’t change anything in my life, I would never find a wife. I was raised in a broken home myself, which made me yearn for a happy marriage even more. I didn’t want to treat my future children the way my parents had treated me.

Above all else, I didn’t want to create another dysfunctional family. And if I didn’t respect women, if I continued my addiction to pornography and if I kept treating women like objects, I would never have a relationship built on values, love and trust.

That was when I decided to once and for all limit my viewing of such movies, and to quit masturbation as well.

But that was when problems appeared! As is usual in every type of addiction. It becomes very difficult to stop, difficult to let go of certain mental habits. Especially when you believe that it’s beneficial in some way. If it’s a way for you to escape reality and then you have to face the real world again, it becomes pretty much impossible to quit the addiction.

I would last for 3 days, then the tension would just keep growing and the only thoughts in my mind were ‘go watch something, just a movie, you are alone, you can do it’. It was a huge battle in my head that I would always lose.

That’s the problem here, you need to logically disarm the addiction step by step, find your ‘why’ and have a motivation. And I’m not talking about the willpower tactic, about religious oaths or some other weird rituals. Every addiction is a cleverly devised mechanism. We can always find some excuse because we subconsciously believe that the addiction brings us some benefits.

I wouldn’t give up...

Despite being stuck in the addiction, I kept searching and gathering information. In books, magazines, on the Internet, as well as through numerous private discussions with sexologists.

I was ready to do everything just so I could once and for all become a happy, mentally healthy guy.

And that’s the kind of determination you need as well.

I can guarantee you, though, that you can make this torture and this long way shorter. You can make use of the information I’ve been collecting myself for so many years, you can use my experience and history for support.

The thing about determination is, at the beginning we have it, but over time it drops. And then we don’t even realize when we go back to the addiction and forget that we used to have a plan and motivation to change something in our life. People can carry on like this for as long as several dozen years!

An addiction is usually something that cannot be limited. It has to be CUT. It has to be uprooted and the way of thinking needs to change. To change beliefs, to change the core values is most certainly something achievable. What we feed our mind with is what we get in our life.
This is where an old proverb applies: ‘You reap what you sow.’

Each of us has a potential inside and each of us can kick any addiction for good. And quitting pornography and masturbation will turn your life 180 degrees. This I can guarantee you, because I am a great example of that myself!

Yes, it’s true. I had to make some effort, find the information on my own and educate myself. Sadly, most parents avoid these topics, and schools usually teach us things we don’t need. Sometimes these topics even tend to be demonized, which only makes them all the more interesting to people.

All that information included in this article, as well as being aware of certain mechanisms, allow you to distance yourself from that. This knowledge is without a doubt the most important in the entire life, because you learn about yourself, you discover your own psyche. It makes it easier to control yourself, to achieve goals and enjoy your life.

What I learned about pornography was incredibly cathartic. I realized plenty of things, I was building a whole new belief system. Only this way it is possible to build a happy relationship and find true love for life. Without any drama, affairs, divorces and unnecessary arguments later on.

What do you need to learn? First and foremost:

By investing in self-education, you can save yourself a lot of drama, breaking up, unpleasant situations, cheating. Plenty of marriages, relationships between people, fall apart exactly due to lack of elementary knowledge and values arising from it.

Kicking the addiction to watching pornography and masturbating has a powerful impact on confidence, self-esteem, energy and will to live.

When my addiction was getting worse, I couldn’t think of anything else but naked bodies. It was very restrictive, and during such sessions I would lose a lot of energy that could have been put to a better use, could have been better spent and provided much more benefits arising from this sexual life energy.

If you see nudity everywhere, think of your female colleagues in a sexual way, treat them as objects, then that is not a way to FUNCTION.

That’s not a way to live a normal life, it makes it impossible to even talk normally to women. You will always be accompanied by a feeling that you’re hiding something. That’s when you’re starting to do stupid things, to behave strangely, just to hide that addiction and the inability to handle this.

This addiction only makes you feel like failing at life even more...

Ever since I remember, I always failed at life, I was a complete loser that couldn’t do anything right. And instead of starting to work on myself, I would just retreat to sexual addictions. All those things are related. The more you retreat into the addiction to pornography, the more withdrawn you become. The more withdrawn you become, the bigger the desire to retreat to pleasure. It’s a vicious circle, it’s like a loop that keeps getting tighter.

You can’t lie to yourself forever. It always ends in a disaster. You won’t change anything in your life if you don’t kick this habit once and for all. And don’t wait for a miracle. I couldn’t make a step forward myself without first quitting pornography and masturbation altogether. Changing your social circle won’t help either, because if you don’t have good social skills, you will never find real friends.

That’s why you need to quit sexual addictions once and for all. That’s the only way to start functioning normally in social situations!

After many years of my self-education, of my battle, something finally changed inside my head. I finally reached the essence, the truth, and the entire journey of getting out of that addiction became a cathartic process that gives a lot of happiness and energy. Breaking free was my biggest driving force. It gave me the energy to develop in other areas of my life. It has a true potential that I could make use of automatically.

It was a huge success that gave me a lot of satisfaction and real power. After all, once you get out of the strongest addiction in the world, which is pornography and masturbation, you can accomplish absolutely everything after that. Every goal you set for yourself will be achievable. And it doesn’t matter what it is. If you escape the addiction to pornography, you will become invincible. Every other problem in your life will be a challenge that you can complete without a problem.

Think about it, what would you like to succeed at?

Is it developing a magnificent, sculpted body at the gym?

Would you like to meet a fantastic, beautiful and intelligent girl and maintain a relationship with her?

You want to make more money?

Maybe you would like to get another degree?

Find a better job?

Travel the world?

Learn a new language?

Everything is possible. You can be an incredibly happy person that can succeed at things without any problems.

That’s exactly why escaping the addiction to pornography is the best way to get motivation and energy. No amount of reading motivational books will do anything that you don’t yourself put effort in.

You can learn in pretty much 30 days how to generate energy, how to get out of an addiction that is destroying you and how to succeed. All of that is achievable.

Is the addiction to sexual pleasures really the strongest in the world?

Yes, that’s the greatest power that you can learn to control. This addiction comes from within, from within our psyche. It’s a huge pleasure that gets our brain, our thoughts and our sexual organs addicted. There is no pill that will help you get rid of this addiction.

The only way you can do it is by doing a cleanup of your mind. It is not possible to remove sexuality entirely from your life, because it is inseparably wired with our physiology. It is a permanent need in our life.

Addictions to alcohol or drugs are weaker. You can always get a detox, attend AA meetings, there are always some solutions. When it comes to sexuality, you can’t throw it out in the trash. It is always with you and always will be, that’s why it is important for you to reorganize the values and beliefs behind it.

By freeing myself from being a slave to my own body and lusts, I gained a huge advantage over some 75% of other men!

I don’t want to delve too deep into this topic. It’s just obvious that pornography hasn’t ruined their psyche, because they have too much to lose. They have already reached some point of their life and withdrawing, getting addicted to pornography would cause them to lose it all.

Such people, however, are more prone to addiction to sex in real life. Such guys paint themselves as ‘confident’, but in reality they are anything but. If you ask me, it is much worse, because they share their other addictions with other rotten people. Their attractive partners tend to be addicted to sex themselves.

Is that a way to live a wonderful life? Are these types of people even happy at all?

They often simply follow the crowd, intoxicate themselves with alcohol and drugs, retreat to sexual pleasures with prostitutes. They are still slaves, but in a different form. Either way, I have experienced plenty of negative consequences of pornography myself, which is why here, in this article, you have a chance to learn the truth. You can see what a big lie was created in the world of pop culture.

I got rid of this huge burden, this mental overload that was destroying my life by the day. That was when I felt like BORN AGAIN. I felt like I was ascending above the earth and having great energy. I could do everything I wanted in my life.

All you have to do is see the lies and falsehoods once. All you have to do is build a healthy sense of self-worth and everything around you will change.

That’s why on this website I present to you a full package of valuable and revolutionary tips, discoveries and values that will once and for all turn you into a free, happy man.

All the knowledge that helped me kick the sexual addiction, helped me change my life, discover the true love, fall in love and build a wonderful relationship. The knowledge that gave me the ability to love, released masculine traits and plenty of talents.

All this information is included in the program:

'How to quit pornography and masturbation in 30 days'

What can you learn with this material?

… but that’s not all, I have some other secret information that I don’t want to talk about right now… Let it be a secret!

Why should you use this exact program?

Addictions are often taboo. This is something inappropriate, uncomfortable, distorted. You can often hear the statements of ‘experts’ who say it’s quite normal and healthy. However, the same ‘experts’ have a lot of problems that they can’t deal with.

This topic is cumbersome and embarrassing both in public opinion and among families. Parents are reluctant to talk about it, and often do not have basic knowledge themselves, because no one has given it.

I understand that, so that’s why you are completely anonymous using my program. You don’t have to attend any group, to confide anyone, you don’t have to meet a psychoanalyst, because you can use this complete guide where step by step, I refuted the biggest myths that have been coded in your mind.

You will get all my knowledge and experience without leaving home. Just follow the instructions and practical tasks.

In addition, you will save thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. Psychological consultations are very expensive and aren’t always effective. Often the woman doctor has not experienced such problems after all.

Education is the best investment in your life. Lack of proper education causes of suffering and problems with women.

You have the only chance to say goodbye to these addictions of Pornography and Masturbation once and for all!


This course isn’t for everyone!

If you know what I wrote in this article, and if you meet ONE OF THE FOLLOWING TERMS then you can boldly download my course:



However, if you are a man who can think independently, then I will guarantee that you will learn a lot of values here.

Who will you become if you use this program?



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Even looking for information for 1 month for 1 hour a day, it would cost you about $300. Here you have a complete guide.

You save not only money, but above all TIME! And the sooner you deal with this problem, the better for you!

--- Reviews ---


I just finished the first week of training, and it opened my eyes to an entirely new way of living. I can’t describe how much my life has changed already. My confidence is soaring, I approach my relationships with more openness, and above all, I have a newfound energy inside of me that is pushing me towards further growth.

At first, I was a little skeptical about whether I really needed this kind of training; I didn’t realize just how stunted my personal growth had become.

I could not be more grateful for the effect this course has had on my wellbeing. For a long time, apathy ruled my life and I felt completely sapped of energy. It’s only been 10 days since taking this course, but I have already experienced an extreme upswing in my energy and determination. I am now working diligently and following through on whatever I begin. Thank you so much for helping me and so many others to find inspiration in life again!



Atlanta (USA)


I enrolled in this course the minute I learned that spots were extremely limited. I’ve taken this course three times now, and each time I take away something new and inspiring. This is the most valuable course I have ever taken. I tried so many times to escape my addiction, but it always returned. After taking this course, I understand the roots of my addiction and the effects that watching pornography has on my wellbeing. Now, my addiction no longer has control over me. If you are feeling hesitant, just go for it. I 100% recommend this course, it has changed my life.





Some time ago I broke up with my girlfriend. I found this course related to pornography and masturbation addiction. I knew right away that I had to study it before I could start new relationship again. I felt that the real problem was with my sexual perversion.

At the same time, right after starting the first lesson. I met a new, great, pretty and modest girl. I care and feel deep love to her. I don’t treat her like I used to treat women before – objectively.

This is a great opportunity for me. Also motivation and awareness of how addiction to pornography changes people – for bad!

My determination is strong, I notice that there was a very strong connection between masturbation and the breakup of the first relationship as well as the selection of inappropriate girls in the second and third …

That causes a lot of suffering. Although for someone outside it may seem that I have enough attractive girls and everything was all right. After while everything falls apart, you can live your life and learn nothing, pretend that it changes nothing. You might change partners and your feelings can be the same. But it isn’t a right way to be happy. Change your values… I wish perseverance to everyone who used this course.




Why don't I give away this course for free?

I don’t share this information for free because people underestimate what they get for free. It’s simply a psychological element of YOUR MOTIVATION. If you pay, you have much more motivation because you don’t want to waste own money.

Then you will implement this knowledge in your life. Otherwise, you will postpone this course and forget it because you will think it’s worthless cause you received it for free.

Secondly, I devote my time to you to prepare it all, you will also receive my time because you will be able to consult online. The knowledge you receive has been testing by me and many other students. All this is the result of 15 years of work and experience.
Giving it away for free would destroy the value of this course.

In addition, I give you The 60 Days Satisfaction Guarantee. If you won’t like something, if you will decide that knowledge is not valuable. I will refund the money without any questions. However, I am sure that this won’t happen because you get here really specific and huge knowledge.

Of course, you can arrange the consultation with psychologist and spend from $2000 to even $10,000. Still, you won’t have a guarantee that the psychologist will help you. Perhaps she or he never struggled with this problem. Here, you will invest a one-time amount and using my knowledge without any limit!

By using my course you’re investing literally one hundredth of real costs, which you will spend by looking for information yourself or by arranging an appointment with a psychologist. You save tens of thousands of dollars! And you get full 100% guarantee of getting out of addiction! And also you will get additional knowledge that will be useful to your life.

How much is a clear mind worth by talking to a new woman?
How much is it worth for developing of talents and human potential after getting out of addictions?
How much is a successful and lasting marriage worth?
How much is internal freedom worth?

For me it’s priceless and definitely worth all the effort and reasonable money. I have interested for years for books on this subject and it was the most useful knowledge in my life, thanks to which I’m with woman of my dreams. We’ve lasting and happy relationship. This is true love. I wish you the same!

Is this course religious?

Of course NOT.  I focus there on the principles and laws that apply in our reality. It doesn’t matter whether we like it or not, whether we agree with it or not. This is the case and certain rights cannot be denied. It’s like we want to deny the gravitation.

Certain rules and laws are universal. They apply and result from science and physics.

I don’t promote any religion, I don’t belong to any sect. I believe that these issues do not apply to religion. All information is based on logical arguments.

You won’t even find any mention of religion here. The faith of each of us is an individual matter. I’m not a guru and I don’t expect blind faith. I present universal information that prevails in this world.

The main purpose of this material is presenting complete and true values, thanks to which everyone, absolutely everyone can be a happy, fulfilled person.

In this course I deal with revealing the truth. You will get out of brainwashing that you have been vulnerable to for many, many years.

If You Order ‘Quit Porn & Masturbation in 30 Days Program’ Today, Immediately After Payment You Get Instant Access To All Materials, eBooks And Bonuses.

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